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For the first seven decades of the 20th Century, facelifts tended to involve only the excision of extra skin, or crudely put, “pulling the up the skin of the face and cutting the excess off”. The 1970s saw the development of “subfacial dissection” which made it possible to do more than merely remove skin to achieve the lifted effect. Other developments followed which allowed the eyebrows, orbits of the eyes to be remodeled by thickening the tissue over them. This resulted in better and more natural facial contours. Further refinements followed this, aimed at minimizing scarring of underlying tissues, and hiding the inevitable facelift surgery scars in hairlines and in front of and behind the ears.

Facelift Surgery and Cost

Candidates for facelift surgery first and foremost must understand that the procedure cannot reverse aging or prevent its inevitable progress. Patients should have reasonable expectations of “freshening” their appearances, not radically changing their facial features. Other requirements for facelift patients include that they be non-smokers, and have no underlying conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure which are known to inhibit wound healing.

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There are at least nine different surgical techniques that may be used in facelift surgery. The differences in these techniques are mostly those of facial location, degree of surgical invasion, and in types and sizes of incisions involved. The board certified plastic surgeon will be adept in several of these various facelift approaches and be able to tailor the surgery to the patient as a result.